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To our valued customers and patrons, 

Over the past 12 years you have become family to us. I am so grateful for the countless memories we have shared with all of you. We are even more grateful to have been part of your lives- from birthdays to anniversaries, family meals and business conversations- to all of life’s ups and downs- it has been my greatest joy to cook and nourish you from this kitchen. It is with both pride and sadness that I am announcing that Samia’s Phoenician Grill will close its doors on Saturday July 27, 2019. That day will truly mark one of those most treasured days for me. It has been my joy to serve the Mahoning Valley with my recipes from my country of origin, Lebanon. In this restaurant, I have treasured memories with my own family, from my late mother to my two precious grandchildren- the Phoenician Grill will live in our hearts forever. It is a symbol both of love and family, and the truest expression of what this country is about- the ability for people to come from all over the world, searching a better life, to make their dreams come true, and to build a rich and diverse community while living it. We hope that like us, you will cherish both your meals and memories for years to come. 

I am personally looking forward to more time with my family and will continue to cook with pure love and joy for catering orders. Please be sure to get my business card and to keep me in mind for future family events. It is has been my greatest joy to feed you from my kitchen these last 12 years. 

With great gratitude,